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What is Families With Children From China - Indiana?

Families With Children From China (FCC-IN) is a non-denominational community of families in Indiana brought together by a common interest in China adoptions.  FCC-IN is comprised of families who have adopted from China or are interested in adopting from China, as well as community members who support the organization's mission.  The purpose of FCC-IN is to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities that support the development of member children adopted from China and to better the lives of children who remain in orphanages in China.  Our membership is open to anyone interested in furthering our mission.  We are a non-profit, volunteer organization and are not affiliated with any adoption agency.

Is FCC-IN associated with the national Families With Children From China organization?
Families with Children from China is a worldwide network of parent support groups. Although all FCC chapters operate independent of one another, FCC-IN communicates regularly with both national and local FCC organizations leadership in order to stay abreast of information and opportunities of importance to the families that we serve.  To learn more about the activities of the national Families With Children From China organization, please visit www.fwcc.org

How do I become a member of FCC-IN?
In order to become a member of FCC-IN, please visit the Membership Page of our website to register.  The current annual fee is $15 per family.  Lifetime and organization memberships are also available.

Why should I become a FCC-IN member?

FCC-IN works to build and create lasting relationships between children adopted from China, their families, and the local Chinese community.  As evidenced by studies of adult Korean adoptees, maintaining a connectedness to their cultural heritage and others who share their history is vital to the emotional well-being of transracial adoptees.  FCC-IN children are a part of an extended family whose focus is to support one another through cultural exchanges, educational opportunities, and social gatherings that provide lifelong friendships and a greater understanding of the Chinese culture and adoption.  Through our connectedness with the Chinese community, FCC-IN children gain important exposure to their culture and to adults and mentors who can assist them on path to discovering who they are.  Through our connectedness with other adoptive families, we share our experiences about our adoption journey, support one another, and create lasting bonds for both parents and children.  For more information on the organization and the benefits of membership, please visit our Join/Volunteer Page.

How do I know if my FCC-IN membership is current?
Our current system is now set up to contact members annually in November when membership payments are due.  If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact membership@fcc-in.org and someone will get back to you. We are pleased to be able to offer on-line sign-up and payment for membership.  To register, simply visit our Membership Page and complete the on-line form.


How do I keep up-to-date with FCC-IN activities?
FCC-IN has a number of ways that we keep our members apprised of activities and communicate with one another.  Besides the Events Page on our website, we also have an email newsletter and Yahoo Group.  Members can also participate via our Facebook Page and Twitter account.  Currently, these communication tools are open to anyone with an interest in FCC-IN.  However, we will begin to limit them to paid members only as one of the benefits of membership. If you would like to know more about these communication outlets,  please contact news@fcc-in.org.

How do I tell other members about an event or news that might be of interest?
We encourage members to share any information that they believe will be of interest to other families.  Please feel free to utilize any of the communication tools available to members including the Forum on the FCC-IN website, Yahoo or Facebook Page or via Twitter.  Our goal is to continue to add to our website and make it a dynamic experience for visitors.  If you have a review of a book, restaurant or movie, or if you have a conversation that you would like to share widely, please consider doing so via our blog.  We are also looking for volunteers to take ownership of creating lists and informational pieces that include Chinese community organizations, Chinese businesses, FCC-IN member owned business, and "must experience" books and movies.  For information on contributing to the FCC-IN Web site or any of our related outlets, please contact news@fcc-in.org

How can I get involved?
Like any volunteer organization, FCC-IN is only as good as its volunteers.  We are always in need of support and have many ways that an interested volunteer can participate in strengthening our organization.  We have immediate needs in helping with events, education, social opportunities, communication, fundraising, Board membership, and partnership building with the Chinese community.  Visit our Volunteer Needs Page to find out more about these opportunities. 

I have an idea for an activity, fundraiser or program. Who should I contact?
Please contact president@fcc-in.org with any suggestions that you may have and you will be directed to the appropriate Board Member or Committee Head who can support you.


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